Am 13.05.2015 um 03:46 schrieb Sanduk Ruit:

This was big and we were in the hospital, 2 teams were out in the field distributing relief materials and medicine. the earthquake measured 6.8 RS. And epicenter in dolkha adjoining the famous Gauri Shankar mountain where we have a well built busy community eye centre. Several aftershocks all measuring around 5.5 till 3am today.
From information I have received all Tilganga staff and their family and the trainees are okay.
Official report death toll 63 but 90 %of houses in dolkha destroyed.
At the earliest we are sending a strong team with relief, shelter, food and medicine to dolkha.
Pray for my people friends hope this is the last one…
We have a team from America, Singapore and Seoul, Korea helping us in our effort.

Sanduk Ruit and all at Tilganga